The game that pits brains against hustle! 

Build words that start or end with the letter shown. Use up your cards first to win.
But think fast because playing out-of-turn and card stealing are encouraged. 

  • Big words dominate but quick plays rule!
  • The word-making, card stealing game that’s fun for all ages.
  • Flex your brain and raise your pulse as you use your cards to build words of any length.
  • Take turns or cut the line? You decide! With Allegro, you’re always in the game.
  • Stumped? Just match the letter on the discard pile.
  •  Includes 71 Alphabet cards, 4 Wild cards, a turn token, and complete Game Instructions. 
  • 2 or more players, with an option for Team play
  • Gray matter not included.
Under 15 minutes

Fun for all ages

The game is exciting and easy to play. With simplified rules for younger players and the option to extend play for word-building enthusiasts.

The Perfect Gift

The challenge of a board game with the speed and ease of a card game. Play in teams for a sure-fire party hit.


Children and adults will boost their vocabulary while outwitting their friends and family in a word-dueling smackdown.


Play on a table, floor, or even a car seat. Games are usually quick, taking 15 minutes or less, so there’s always time to play.

Valid Words

Must be in dictionary
No hyphens or apostrophe
No proper nouns or abbreviations
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